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Healthy Tongues, Healthy Lives

At Colorado Tongue Tie, we want to bring comfort to you and your family by diagnosing and treating tethered oral tissues (TOTs) that affect infants, adolescents, and adults. Our procedures can correct breastfeeding issues, speech and airway problems, and neck and back pain in patients from infancy to adulthood. We use cool laser technology to ensure that our treatments are fast, effective and as painless as possible. And our team strives to create a compassionate environment where every patient feels comfortable.

Why Choose Colorado Tongue Tie?

Our doctors have a combined level of experience of 35 years in both pediatric and general dentistry.
Our doctors use a ‘Cold CO2 Laser’ which offers a painless and fast procedure, typically about 30 seconds for infants.
General Anesthesia is not required. Nitrous is offered when age appropriate
Our dentist combined have about 15 years experience in this procedure.
Dr. Jesse is a renown lecturer on Lip & Tongue Tie release, as well as pediatric dentist
We protect from reattachment by requesting 2 free Post-Op checkups, instructing on post-care exercises, and working with a team of external therapists.
Our education-based approach helps you make informed decisions for you and your child.

Education & Treatment

Find Comfort in Our Care

Colorado Tongue Tie is a place to find answers if you or your child are suffering from the symptoms of a tethered oral tissue. We focus on education to inform our patients about these common, yet completely treatable, issues. Our doctors and our friendly team will work closely with you to treat tongue and lip ties and monitor the success of the procedure. We’re here every step of the way to offer comforting care and life-changing solutions.

Expert Care

Dr. Jesse is a seasoned pediatric dentist with extensive experience in tongue and lip tie releases. With years of practice, he has conducted numerous frenectomies for patients across all age groups. He, along with our team, will always make certain your visit is smooth and pleasant.

Cool Laser Technology

Our doctors use a CO2 laser to perform gentle, painless frenectomies. This technology speeds up the healing process, minimizes bleeding, and ensures that the procedure is as efficient and accurate as possible.

Diagnosis for All Ages

At Colorado Tongue Tie, we know that infants and babies aren’t the only patients affected by tongue tie. We offer diagnosis, education, resources, and treatment for patients of all ages. Whether you are a breastfeeding mother, the parent of a child with feeding issues, or an adult suffering from unexplained migraines, we have resources and treatment that will help.

Lip Tie Solutions

A lip tie occurs when the tissue connecting the upper lip to the upper gum is too thick or too tight, restricting the mouth’s mobility. This issue can cause latching problems with nursing babies, and if left untreated it can lead to problems that persist into adulthood, such as headaches, migraines, and TMD. Call us today if you suspect you or your child may have a lip tie.
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Tongue Tie Solutions

Some people are born with frenulums that limit the mobility of their tongues, which can lead to breastfeeding issues as an infant, and other problems well into adulthood. The frenulum is the tissue that connects the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth, and issues with the frenulum are commonly known as “tongue ties”. At Colorado Tongue Tie, we specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of these issues, and we offer compassionate care for you and your family.
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Post Surgery Exercises

Our friendly, skilled team is with you and your child every step of the way, from the time you call to schedule your appointment all the way through your after-care. We give you all the information you’ll need about post surgery exercises to ensure a proper healing process. If you need us for anything we’re just a phone call away!

Hear What Our Patients Are Saying

Ashley Elizabeth

"Wow! What an amazing place! We drove 2 hours to have our 5 month old daughter’s lip tie released because we heard such great things. It was all true! Dr. Jesse and his staff were extremely professional and beyond helpful. They are clearly experts in ties and made us feel very comfortable, answered all of our questions, and took their time. We came to find out our daughter also had a tongue tie. They also squeezed in our 2.5 year old who didn’t have an appointment because we wondered if she had the same problem, sure enough, she did. The procedure for our infant was quick, and I was able to nurse her right after. We’re going to follow up for our 2.5 year old. After care instructions were very clear, and Dr. Jesse even called that night to check on our baby. We couldn’t be more impressed!"

Brooklyn C.

"Dr. Jesse was nothing short of amazing! He was so kind, gentle and understanding. He answered every question and concern we had very thoroughly with great knowledge about lip and tongue ties. We traveled 4 hours each way to be under his care and it was worth it. Our family highly recommends Dr. Jesse and his very caring staff."

Jamie h.

"I am so happy we followed recommendations and use Dr Jesse and the amazing team. They were amazing using laser technology for my son’s numerous oral tie releases when he was just weeks old. The whole team does such a great job of making my son and our whole family welcome, and calm, and prepared. I wish they could be my dentist as an adult!"

Sarah h.

"Dr. Jesse and the staff are amazing! My sweet 6 week old just had her tongue and lip tie repaired and they were so great! I’m glad I found them on the tongue and liptie support network because they were totally worth the drive!"

Jodie R.

"Brought my 11 week old son in for a tongue and lip tie release we thought had been corrected by an ENT when he was just five days old, turns out it wasn’t! This place is amazing. I would recommend it to anyone. Kind and caring staff. Clean office. Amazing follow up and they were even able to get us in quickly since we are heading to day care in a couple weeks. The doctor even provided his cell phone number in case we need him over the Christmas holiday. Incredible! This place was wonderful!"

Andrew L.

"This place is outstanding for all the important reasons. The entire staff is 100% focused on you during your time in the office. All of them!! I’ve never experience that level of service. They really listen to where you are at, have amazing fancy equipment to check your kid out, and make sure parents and children are comfortable. And most importantly, they do a great job. I was in the room for my sons tongue/lip laser procedure and they were done in 2-3 minutes tops. He recovered without much pain at all and we’ve been sleeping well ever since. Can’t recommend them enough."

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I want my patients to feel like they’ve found answers.

- Dr. Jesse

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