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Healthy Tongues, Healthy Lives

At Colorado Tongue Tie, our goal is to support the well-being of families by addressing restricted oral tissues (ROTs). We cater to patients across all ages, from infants to adults, with an understanding of the diverse needs at each life stage. Our treatments, utilizing cool laser technology, are designed to be as efficient and comfortable as possible. We're dedicated to providing a caring environment, recognizing that each patient's journey towards better oral health is unique.

Why Choose Colorado Tongue Tie?

Our team brings over three decades of experience in pediatric and general dentistry. 
We utilize the 'Cold CO2 Laser' technology, aiming for efficient procedures while focusing on patient comfort. 
Our approach minimizes the need for general anesthesia, offering nitrous oxide when appropriate for patient ease.
Our team, led by Dr. Jesse, a respected lecturer in the field, is dedicated to delivering quality care. 
Our collaboration with external therapists plays a crucial role in the comprehensive care we offer, all aimed at supporting the recovery and well-being of our patients.
Our educational approach is designed to empower you with the knowledge to make well-informed decisions for yourself and your family.

Education & Treatment

Understanding and Managing Oral Ties

At Colorado Tongue Tie, we provide a supportive environment for those experiencing symptoms associated with restricted oral tissues. Our commitment is to offer thorough education about these conditions, emphasizing their manageability with proper care. Our experienced team utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach and collaborates with patients to address tongue and lip ties, with a focus on individualized treatment plans. We're dedicated to supporting you throughout the process, combining professional care with educational resources to empower informed decisions.

Our Experienced Team

Dr. Jesse, a seasoned pediatric dentist, brings a wealth of experience in addressing tongue and lip ties. His expertise, along with our dedicated team, contributes to our comprehensive care approach for patients of all ages. We prioritize a thorough and considerate approach to each visit, aiming to make the experience as positive as possible. We regularly work with patient’s other medical and dental providers, including consultations with myofunctional therapists, to provide the best opportunity for success with our patients.

Innovative Technology for Enhanced Comfort

In our frenectomy procedures, we utilize CO2 laser technology, which is superior in treating soft tissues, for its potential to contribute to a more comfortable treatment experience. While prioritizing precision, our approach with this technology is to support a smoother procedure, aiming to make it as comfortable as possible for our patients.

Comprehensive Diagnosis For Patients of All Ages

Colorado Tongue Tie recognizes that tongue ties can affect individuals at different stages of life. Our team is dedicated to providing diagnostic services, educational resources, and treatment options for patients of all ages with varying conditions. From breastfeeding challenges in infants to various oral health concerns in adults, we strive to offer supportive resources and care tailored to the unique needs of each patient.

Understanding and Addressing Lip Ties

Lip tie, characterized by restrictive tissue between the upper lip and gum, can affect mouth mobility. This condition might pose challenges in nursing infants and potentially contribute to oral health concerns for all ages. If you're concerned about lip tie for yourself or your child, we're here to offer diagnostic and consultation services.
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Tongue Tie: A Comprehensive Approach

Tongue ties, resulting from restrictive frenuli, can impact tongue mobility. These conditions may affect various aspects of health, from infant feeding to speech, eating and other challenges. At Colorado Tongue Tie, we focus on diagnosing and addressing these concerns, while providing empathetic care to our patients and their families.
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Supportive After-Care and Guidance

Our team at Colorado Tongue Tie is committed to supporting you and your child throughout the entire treatment process, including after-care. We provide comprehensive information on post-surgery exercises, aimed at facilitating a smooth healing journey. Should you have any queries or need further assistance post-procedure, we are readily available for support.

Hear What Our Patients Are Saying

Ashley Elizabeth

"Wow! What an amazing place! We drove 2 hours to have our 5 month old daughter’s lip tie released because we heard such great things. It was all true! Dr. Jesse and his staff were extremely professional and beyond helpful. They are clearly experts in ties and made us feel very comfortable, answered all of our questions, and took their time. We came to find out our daughter also had a tongue tie. They also squeezed in our 2.5 year old who didn’t have an appointment because we wondered if she had the same problem, sure enough, she did. The procedure for our infant was quick, and I was able to nurse her right after. We’re going to follow up for our 2.5 year old. After care instructions were very clear, and Dr. Jesse even called that night to check on our baby. We couldn’t be more impressed!"

Brooklyn C.

"Dr. Jesse was nothing short of amazing! He was so kind, gentle and understanding. He answered every question and concern we had very thoroughly with great knowledge about lip and tongue ties. We traveled 4 hours each way to be under his care and it was worth it. Our family highly recommends Dr. Jesse and his very caring staff."

Jamie h.

"I am so happy we followed recommendations and use Dr Jesse and the amazing team. They were amazing using laser technology for my son’s numerous oral tie releases when he was just weeks old. The whole team does such a great job of making my son and our whole family welcome, and calm, and prepared. I wish they could be my dentist as an adult!"

Sarah h.

"Dr. Jesse and the staff are amazing! My sweet 6 week old just had her tongue and lip tie repaired and they were so great! I’m glad I found them on the tongue and liptie support network because they were totally worth the drive!"

Jodie R.

"Brought my 11 week old son in for a tongue and lip tie release we thought had been corrected by an ENT when he was just five days old, turns out it wasn’t! This place is amazing. I would recommend it to anyone. Kind and caring staff. Clean office. Amazing follow up and they were even able to get us in quickly since we are heading to day care in a couple weeks. The doctor even provided his cell phone number in case we need him over the Christmas holiday. Incredible! This place was wonderful!"

Andrew L.

"This place is outstanding for all the important reasons. The entire staff is 100% focused on you during your time in the office. All of them!! I’ve never experience that level of service. They really listen to where you are at, have amazing fancy equipment to check your kid out, and make sure parents and children are comfortable. And most importantly, they do a great job. I was in the room for my sons tongue/lip laser procedure and they were done in 2-3 minutes tops. He recovered without much pain at all and we’ve been sleeping well ever since. Can’t recommend them enough."

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I want my patients to feel like they’ve found answers.

- Dr. Jesse

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