Tongue Tie Symptoms & Solutions

Solutions for Children and Adults

Tongue ties (ankyloglossia) are common in infants, but this treatable issue often goes undiagnosed. If you are a mother having a difficult time breastfeeding, your child may have a tongue tie. Alternatively, if you have been dealing with unexplained neck and back pain, breathing, or sleeping issues as an adult, these are signs of an untreated tongue tie. Colorado Tongue Tie offers gentle, compassionate solutions for patients affected by this common, yet treatable, issue.

What is a Tongue Tie?

A tongue tie is an abnormality caused by a lingual frenulum that is either too thick or too short. Your lingual frenulum is the small fold of tissue that extends from the floor of your mouth to the bottom of your tongue. When a baby has a thick or short frenulum, this restricts the movement of their tongue and makes it difficult to breastfeed. If left untreated, this restricted movement can cause many other oral problems, such as speech issues, neck and back pain, and TMD. A quick, effective treatment from Colorado Tongue Tie can release the frenulum and give you and your child the nursing experience you deserve.

Signs of a Tongue Tie in Infancy

Infants with tongue ties can have issues latching, gaining weight, creating suction, and staying awake while nursing due to the extra exertion required. Other signs that your baby may have a tongue tie include:

  • Making clicking noises during feeds
  • Frequent or very long feeds
  • Vomiting after feeds

Signs of a Tongue Tie in Adulthood

Tongue ties can often go untreated because symptoms during infancy and childhood can be misunderstood as “fussy eating”. If left untreated, this tethered oral tissue can lead to the following problems during adolescence and adulthood:

  • Sleep and breathing issues
  • Neck, back, and shoulder pain

If you are suffering from these issues, call Colorado Tongue Tie today to get a diagnosis and find a solution to discomfort and pain.

The Treatment Process

At Colorado Tongue Tie, we use cutting-edge technology to provide treatment that is as fast, effective and painless as possible. During the procedure, Our doctors use a cold, non-touch laser to release the frenulum. Unlike procedures that are performed with a scalpel or “hot” laser, cold lasers seal blood vessels during treatment so the patient experiences little to no bleeding. No sutures are needed afterward, and the laser sterilizes the wound so the risk of infection is very minimal.

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