Years Of Expertise & Reliable Care

Years Of Expertise & Reliable Care

At Colorado Tongue Tie, Drs. Jesse and Fruithandler emphasize the importance of an interdisciplinary approach in treating tongue and lip ties. Regardless of patient age, our commitment to thorough diagnosis and patient-centered care may involve exploring various treatment options across disciplines and making additional referrals as necessary. . For all patients, we highly encourage bodywork for an optimal outcome. For patients undergoing a functional frenuloplasty, myofunctional therapy is a critical component of our clinical approach. We view myofunctional therapy as essential in preparing children and adults for successful frenectomy or frenuloplasty procedures. This integrative method ensures that each patient receives the most effective and appropriate treatment for their specific needs.

Tongue & Lip Tie Release Appointment

Initial Exam for Infants and Children

Your child’s initial appointment, lasting about an hour, is designed for a comprehensive examination. This time allows us to thoroughly explain the procedure, discuss options, and answer all questions. If a decision is made to proceed with a tongue or lip tie release, we offer the option to conduct the procedure during the same visit, using 'cold CO2 laser' technology, which we select for its precision, efficiency & comfort.

What to Expect for Adults

In older children, adolescents, and adults, addressing tongue and lip ties may will involve a preparatory step of myofunctional therapy. This therapy is similar to physical therapy for the tongue, assisting in preparing for potential release procedures. We offer guidance on this aspect of treatment as part of our comprehensive care approach.

SEEING THE DOCTOR FIRST:  an initial consultation with a doctor is available to evaluate the presence of restricted oral tissue. This one-hour appointment involves a comprehensive assessment and discussion of your specific case. Depending on the findings, we may recommend myofunctional therapy as part of your treatment plan  or request more detailed history or involvement from other health and dental care providers.


SEEING THE MYOFUNCTIONAL THERAPIST FIRST:  We can assist in connecting you with a myofunctional therapist, available locally or virtually, to prepare for potential treatment. While myofunctional therapists play a role in the preparatory phase and may identify restricted oral tissues, the FINAL decision for surgical release is determined after a comprehensive evaluation by a doctor. Our goal is to streamline the treatment process, potentially combining the initial evaluation and the procedure into a single visit for efficiency and convenience.

After completing myofunctional therapy, we schedule an appointment for a comprehensive evaluation. If a frenuloplasty is deemed appropriate, it is performed using 'cold CO2 laser' technology, which is selected for its precision, efficiency and comfort. We commonly use sutures as part of the procedure to support the healing process. 


We commonly find that multiple sites benefit from treatment. We therefore offer a single fee for combined lip, tongue, and cheek tie releases to ensure comprehensive care without additional charges for multiple sites. Our fee structure is designed to reflect the nature of each procedure. For babies under 12 months, the exam is $75 and the release procedure is $700. For ages 1-4 years, the exam fee remains $75, but the release is $900. Adult procedures, involving more comprehensive treatment, are priced at $150 for the exam and $1500 for the frenuloplasty.


To assist our patients, we provide pre-filled dental and medical claim forms and guide you in completing them. Since we are an out-of-network provider, patients are responsible for submitting these forms for reimbursement. Payment for treatments is required on the day of service. While a significant number of our patients using dental insurance receive reimbursements, the success rate with medical insurance may vary due to varying 'Out of Network' deductibles.