Tongue And Lip Tie FAQs

At Colorado Tongue Tie, we want to be a resource for parents in Denver and beyond. If you suspect that you or your child may have tongue or lip tie issues, we can help with fast, effective treatment! Check out our frequently asked questions, or give our friendly team a call today to learn more about how we can help you and your family.

Why Am I Having Trouble Breastfeeding?

To breastfeed successfully, your baby needs to open wide in order to latch. Babies with tongue tie have limited mobility and are unable to open their mouths wide enough to latch onto the breast properly. For moms who dream of connecting with their newborns through nursing, the feeding problems caused by tongue ties can often mistakenly cause guilt, and even depression.

Colorado Tongue Tie offers life-changing treatment for your child that makes this connection possible. If you are a nursing mother experiencing difficulties, call us today at (720) 507-0077 to schedule a consultation.

What Is A Tongue/Lip Tie?

The medical term for the condition known as tongue tie is “ankyloglossia”. Tongue tie occurs when there are abnormalities in the band of tissue (known as the lingual frenulum) that connects the bottom of the tongue to the floor of the mouth. If this tissue is too short and tight, it can cause the movement of the tongue to be restricted.

Lip ties occur when there are abnormalities with the small piece of tissue (known as the labial frenulum) that connects a child’s lip to their gums. If the frenulum is too large or too tight, it can restrict the movement of the upper lip. Lip ties prevent infants from breastfeeding, and in some severe cases can even make it difficult for a baby to feed from a bottle.

When Is A Tongue Tie Revision Necessary?

Not all tongue and lip ties cause functional problems. Procedures to correct these conditions are only necessary if functional problems, such as breastfeeding issues or abnormal breathing, are present. If you suspect your child may have a lip or tongue tie, call Colorado Tongue Tie today to get an honest, expert diagnosis from one of our great doctors.

Is Tongue Tie Treatment Painful?

Your doctor will apply an analgesic gel to make the procedure completely painless. No general anesthetic is required during your child’s treatment, we do offer nitrous to patients that are age appropriate . Our team of doctors use a state-of-the-art CO2 laser to perform tongue tie releases. With this technology, the procedure can be completed in about 30 seconds and the treatment is minimally invasive.

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