Lip Tie Symptoms & Solutions

Life-Changing Solutions

At Colorado Tongue Tie, we offer treatments for lip ties, which occur due to variations in the frenulum connecting the lip to the gums. These variations can affect an infant's ability to breastfeed or, in some cases, feed from a bottle.

Signs of a Lip Tie

Lip ties may impact a baby's feeding and cause discomfort during nursing. It's important to recognize potential signs of a lip tie in your child. They can include:

  • Various nursing difficulties
  • Failure to gain weight
  • Ineffective milk transfer

Treatment for Your Child

At Colorado Tongue Tie, we incorporate modern technology in our treatments, focusing on efficiency and patient comfort. The use of a cold, non-touch laser specifically designed for soft tissues is aimed at reducing discomfort and promoting quicker healing. This technology is chosen to minimize bleeding and the risk of infection, negating the need for sutures post-procedure.

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For breastfeeding mothers seeking support, Colorado Tongue Tie offers consultations for frenotomy, a treatment aimed at easing breastfeeding. This can potentially enhance the nursing experience and support emotional well-being. To schedule an appointment or for a consultation, contact us at (720) 507-0077. Our office is located at 4704 Harlan Street, #350, Denver, CO 80212.

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