Understanding Frenectomies And Braces, And How They’re Related

At Colorado Tongue Tie, we specialize in treating tethered oral tissues (TOTs), also known as tongue and lip ties. While the majority of our patients are infants or very young children, we also see teenagers and older children regularly, particularly after they’ve undergone orthodontic treatment to correct their smile.

Here are a few common questions we hear from parents who are considering orthodontic treatment for their children:

How Are Frenectomies And Braces Related?

A frenectomy can be an important part of the orthodontic treatment process, particularly if an overly-long or short frenulum (tissue which attaches your tongue to the bottom of your mouth) is causing the jaw or teeth to become displaced.

Patients who have a short lingual frenulum, for example, tend to push out their lower jaw to reposition their tongue and make it easier to do things like speak and eat. In turn, this can cause an underbite, particularly in children whose mouths are developing rapidly.

In a case like this, a frenectomy will usually be recommended during orthodontic treatment to ensure that the tongue can be positioned properly, and move freely. In the case of lip ties, the pull of the frenulum on the gingiva (gums) can cause a gap to develop in the teeth (diastema). Because one of the main goals of braces is to eliminate diastema, a maxillary frenectomy will usually be recommended to address this issue.

What Can Happen If I Don’t Get A Frenectomy After Braces?

If you or your child have tongue or lip ties, failing to get a frenectomy after the conclusion of orthodontic treatment can result in the teeth and jaw moving back to an unhealthy position. For example, the gap between your teeth could reopen if it was caused by a lip tie, causing the rest of your teeth to shift.

For these reasons, it’s a good idea to have a comprehensive assessment performed, and ask your orthodontist if tongue or lip ties are contributing to your orthodontic issues.

Work With Your Orthodontist To Determine If A Frenectomy Is Necessary

Your orthodontist should be able to determine whether or not a frenectomy will be necessary to keep your teeth and jaw in the proper alignment after orthodontic treatment has concluded. If they determine that a frenectomy is necessary, Dr. Jesse is here to help. At the Colorado Tongue Tie Center, we use cold laser technology to deliver fast, efficient and pain-free frenectomies for both tongue and lip ties, and we can treat you or your child in just a few minutes.

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