Why Do We Recommend Frenectomies?

At Colorado Tongue Tie, Dr. Witkoff specializes in the treatment of tongue and lip ties, also known as “Tethered Oral Tissues” (TOTs). For most of our patients, we recommend that tongue and lip ties be treated with frenectomies. We know that many parents have questions about whether a frenectomy is necessary for their child, so the team at Colorado Tongue Tie wants to explore this option and discuss its many benefits.

What Is A Frenectomy?

Simply put, a frenectomy is used to remove the band of tissue, called the “lingual frenulum,” that is tethering the tongue to the bottom of the mouth and limiting its movement. To perform a frenectomy, Dr. Jesse uses a cold laser treatment. This treatment is minimally-invasive, causes little discomfort, and speeds up the healing process.

Once the process is complete, the tongue or lips can move freely, unencumbered by overgrown oral tissues. This, in turn, can eliminate issues with breastfeeding, speech, and even sleep apnea.

The Benefits Of Frenectomies – According To The Experts

Both speech therapists and lactation consultants often recommend frenectomies for children affected by tongue and lip ties. 60% of Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) doctors and 50% of Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPS) believe that frenectomies can be helpful in developing healthier speech patterns in children with tongue and lip ties.

This is because the restricted movement of the lips and tongue can cause issues with articulation, particularly of “S”, “Th”, “N”, “L”, “R”, “D”, and “T”. If a child has a tongue or lip tie, their speech may sound “slushy” or slurred. A frenectomy can encourage the proper movement of the tongue and lips, addressing this issue.

Lactation and breastfeeding consultants have also noted the benefits of frenectomies. Tongue and lip ties can interfere with proper latching, swallowing, and feeding in children. TOTs will interfere with the jaw and tongue movements required to feed properly, causing issues like drooling, improper jaw development, and poor oral motor development. Children with tongue and lip ties will also take much longer to feed, and show poor weight gain, because they cannot latch and breastfeed properly. For these reasons, Dr. Jesse typically recommends a frenectomy for children who have moderate-to-major tongue and lip ties.

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If you think that your child may have Tethered Oral Tissues, come visit Dr. Jesse at Colorado Tongue Tie right away. He will examine your child and recommend the proper procedure to protect their oral development and ensure that they can feed and speak properly throughout their childhood. To get started, just contact us at (720) 507-0077 or stop by our office in Denver at 4704 Harlan Street, Denver, CO 80212.

Healthy Tongues, Healthy Lives

At Colorado Tongue Tie, our goal is to support the well-being of families by addressing restricted oral tissues (ROTs). We cater to patients across all ages, from infants to adults, with an understanding of the diverse needs at each life stage. Our treatments, utilizing cool laser technology, are designed to be as efficient and comfortable as possible. We're dedicated to providing a caring environment, recognizing that each patient's journey towards better oral health is unique.